Game Time
Every Awana Club meeting includes a high-energy Game Time featuring
individual and team competition. Game Time unleashes kids' natural energy and enthusiasm. The Awana Game Circle has universal appeal. Kids everywhere love Awana games! Everyone participates.

Handbook Time
Using achievement-oriented curriculum materials, Awana emphasises memorisation and understanding of key Bible verses. With a trained leader alongside to encourage and guide, clubbers develop a Bible-based view of how to know and serve God. Clubbers are rewarded for their achievements as they progress through the handbooks.

Council Time
The whole club gathers for a Bible message, singing, and announcements of upcoming events. One highlight of Council Time is the presentation of awards for individual handbook progress and team competition.

Awards are an important motivator for most people, and clubbers enjoy them a lot! Most are designed to be attached to a sweat shirt Each clubber receives a free Entrance Booklet on their first night. It includes six or seven sections, including attendance, the club motto, key Bible verse(s), songs, etc. Upon completion, in two or three weeks clubbers receive a membership card, and eligibility to purchase their handbook and uniform.

Uniforms are important again for pride and identity but are not essential. Each handbook contains about a year's worth of achievement for the average clubber. Different awards are earned along the way. Completing a handbook earns additional ribbons or trophies, and recognition at a special awards night with family and friends attending!

Our club year is divided into four club attendance periods. In each period a clubber is allowed one  un-excused absence. Excused absences are granted for out-of-town trips, illness, or a mandatory school function. Four such awards are possible every year! Special events, such as Olympics and Bible Quizzing, add excitement to the year.

The Sparks Club is for children aged 5 to 7 years. (Primary School classes 1 to 3).


The Truth & Training Club is for children aged 8 to 11 years. (Primary School classes 4 to 7)



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